Typing & Tracking

This is the most important tool. It helps user to determine the MLST Sequence Type (ST) for the query isolate based on the uploaded genome sequence. When the ST information is given, the recommended reference genome is also specified and the SNP data against a reference genome is generated for download. Then the SNP data would be automatically compared with those deposited in the database, and the most similar isolates to the query will be displayed.

Generate SNP by genome

Different from Determine-ST-by-genome, this tool generates SNP data between the query genome and the user-specified reference genome.

Choose refgenome by ST

The SNP data must be generated using the specified reference genome if they are going to be deposited in this database. This tool tells users which reference genome they should use based on the input ST number.

Coordinate conversion

This tool makes the coordinate conversion when users don’t generate the SNP data by the recommend reference genome at the very beginning and yet they are willing to submit the SNP data into this database.

SNP annotation

This tool judges each of the SNPs uploaded by user whether it is synonymous, non synonymous, or intergenic.